The Flash season leaves viewers with a cliffhanger as its finale

The Flash season ended, leaving the fans with a cliffhanger.
In the end, Iris is not only trapped in the mirror but may have made the situation even more
challenging by accidentally breaking the mirror in many tiny pieces.
Fans are confused about what happened to her, but they are sure that she didn’t get to unite
with her husband before the finale.
Fans were hoping to see Iris escape the mirror-verse before the neural dissonance took over.
However, due to the pandemic, the season’s production came to a halt, causing the season to
end earlier than planned.
Carver died because of Eva, he was responsible for creating this situation. As a result,
everyone thinks that Eva is the victim of an International Crime Syndicate and that her
husband rescued her before getting killed by Sue. People think that Eva will not take
advantage of the situation to rescue Iris, Singh, and Kamilla.
Barry and his team found out that they need to hurry and rescue Iris from the mirror-verse, as
time is clicking by and they have only had a little time before the mirror-verse destroys Iris’

We even get to have a glimpse of the damage that is already done to her. Iris starts to
understand the gibberish on the screen. Shortly after her vision turns weird, she fully
disappears into a rainbow and the show ends with a “To be continued”, leaving viewers on a

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