Shay Mitchell spreads love and positivity on Mother’s Day

Shay Mitchell is the mother of an adorable baby girl. This Mother’s Day will be the first
for Shay after giving birth to her adorable little munchkin.
To spread the love and positivity this Mother’s Day, Shay joined hands with Pampers for
their “Share the love” campaign. They want to make sure that all the moms in the world
feel loved, appreciated and supported especially on this special day.
The Pretty Little Liars star stated that parenting is a very hard job even in the best of
times. “It is very important that we help each other out” and told everyone to encourage
those hard-working mothers.
Furthermore, she advised everyone to support them by using this #ShareTheLove hashtag
on their social media accounts, such as on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She
mentioned that this is a very nice way to spread love and positivity on this Mother’s Day
and every day.

Shay is a very busy mother herself and is spending time raising her beautiful daughter
Atlas. She also likes to design the dreamy BÉIS collection.
The actress shared that she is very excited for herself and her baby. She claimed that
Atlas is currently learning to crawl backward, she is trying something new and different
every day.
To change the coronavirus pandemic mood in the house, the model stated that maybe they
will try something different such as arranging a picnic in their living room, where she can
bake something and watch some shows at home. She believes that there are plenty of
ways one can enjoy and create fun memories together. She wants to spend quality time
with her daughter.

Shay wants to share the positivity even if it’s for a mother or a grandmother. She advised
everyone that “no two experiences are the same” and told everybody to not compare
themselves with other people because “we are all different”.
The designer’s mom wants the best for her daughter and says that Atlas can do whatever
she wants to do. Shay said that with passion, hard work, and dedication she can achieve
everything. She wants her daughter to feel independent and confident in her decisions.

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