Mariah Carey praises Kelly Clarkson on Instagram

Kelly Clarkson recently coved Mariah Carey’s song ‘Vanish’. In response, Mariah praised
the singer on Instagram.
On Thursday, Kelly took to social media and performed the rendition of Mariah’s song in a
bathroom. She was in her house in Montana.
Kelly posted the video on Instagram and captioned it with a quirky note. The 37-year-old
sang the song beautifully and wrote that she and her family are hiding in Montana because of
the coronavirus pandemic. She further wrote that when it’s that time of the day when your
kids are sleeping, you are stuck in the bathroom and the fans are not in sight.

In the end, Clarkson mentioned that she wishes that all her fans are staying safe with their

families. She encouraged them to maintain social distancing. She motivated the fans by
saying that “we’ll get through it” even though it’s a hard time for everyone.
Carey was impressed by the performance and replied by mentioning that it was a ‘beautiful
rendition’. She also sent a supportive message to the singer.

The five-time Grammy winner revealed that she knows that Kelly is working very hard all
day and giving her 110%. And that it must be different for her to adjust to the new routine.

Moreover, she encouraged the singer to keep making those videos and even requested her to
sing ‘Whenever you call’ next.
Clarkson disclosed that she is spending time with her family during this coronavirus
outbreak. And thanked everyone for spreading positivity through social media.
She revealed how she is spending her time cooking every day, and that she is not a great
cook, hence when the food involves sauce it tastes good.

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