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Liam Hemsworth is now coming back to social media slowly.
On August 12, the actor from Aussie announcing the news of separation from Miley Cyrus, he now finally came back to Instagram. But the news this time was better and happier than last time. A new crime thriller movie is releasing across the cinema starring Liam Hemsworth.
Hemsworth shared the great news with his fan base of 13 million followers that he was very excited that on August 30, his movie Killerman is all set to hit the cinemas all over the USA. He mentioned all the people who played a great part in making this happen and thanked them all. He mentioned that he felt honored to get to work with Emory Cohen once again as he is his favorite actor. He also appreciated the creativity of the director Malik Bader and the photography director Ken Seng.
The 29-year-old actor wrote that this independent film was a hard thing to do, but he thanked all the people who shed their sweat, tears, and blood for pulling this off and making it happen.
Well, we are glad to see a happy post now.


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Thanks @anthonyvaccarello @ysl for having us last night. Performance by @cher was next level epic. @metmuseum

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In the post, announcing their separation, Liam said: “Hello every one, here’s a quick and small note to everyone, I and Miley have parted our ways recently. I wish all the best for her future. For everyone concerned this is a matter of our private lives so neither I have said anything nor I will to any media platform. Any rumors and claims that might come on the surface will be wrong”.
A week after filing the divorce with Miley, who remained his wife for 8 months, came the new Instagram post regarding the release of his new film.
A private source to E! news told that Liam has made his decision firm and he will not change that. He just knows that he has to move on. There was a lot of communication gap among them to that didn’t have much to say. But on the other hand, Miley had a lot to say. So, she turned to Twitter to clear out things about their separation.
She said that she cam plead guilty for many things leading to this end, but I will accept any blames of cheating that could end our marriage. We have been a couple for around 10 years. I have remained loyal to him, I have always loved him and I will forever.”

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