Kristin Cavallari opens up about her life in quarantine

During this coronavirus pandemic, Kristin – the founder of Uncommon James, recently
opened up about her life in quarantine.
She is raising her three kids and is living with her best friend Justin Anderson after she
decided to divorce Jay Cutler.
On Saturday, Kristin went live on Instagram with her stylist Dani Michelle. The Very
Cavallari star explained that she has been living with her best friend amid the coronavirus
since she came back from a three-week vacation. Including herself, Justin, his fiancé, and
her three kids all went to the trip together in the Bahamas.
She revealed that she is currently in her best friend’s house. She further stated that they
have been staying together since the start of quarantine “literally from day 1”.
Kristin had 2 sons and a daughter with Jay Cutler. 7-year-old Camden Jack Cutler, Jaxon
Wyatt who is 6 years old and the youngest 4-year-old daughter Saylor James Cutler.
She revealed that not only are their routines changed but they have also run out of things
to do during this social distancing. “We have maxed out of every creative idea”.
The 33-year-old claimed that she used to get up at 5 a.m. to work out, then get the kids
ready for school, drop them off and go to her office. Nonetheless, since the pandemic
began, she hasn’t set a single alarm.

Furthermore, the star predicts that she will have a very hard time going back into the routine
and doesn’t know if she can go back to the “5 a.m. lifestyle”.
The television personality states that amidst all this, she is cherishing all these great
moments with her children, “especially when they want to hop in bed with her”. She has
been enjoying her time with her kids a lot and will miss these moments as they will never
come back.

She discloses that she doesn’t normally let her kids sleep with her but considering all this
chaos, she has been letting her kids sleep with her, in rotation, for the past week.
On the other hand, Kristin reveals that she has also taken the role of a teacher during this
pandemic. She states that “no school thing is tough”.
The Hills alum revealed that the boys give her a tough time, especially Jaxon who won’t
listen to her and refuses to do his schoolwork.
Even though it is a little hectic as they cannot go anywhere, she says that her “kids are
young so that’s nice”. On top of that, she states that it would not be the “end of the world
if they are not doing their schoolwork”.

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