Just Sam revealed her emotions after winning American Idol at home

The Winner of American Idol, Just Sam stated that this is a life-changing experience for
her and that it is a dream come true.
This was a first-ever remote final for this long-term reality show of the 18th season of
American Idol. Just Sam recently got the news of her win.
After the coronavirus pandemic, all the production for American Idol came to a halt and
caused mass production shutdowns. So, the plans for the show got adjusted to self-taping,
at-home to end the season.
The finale was on the 17th of May, the participants that were left included Just Sam and
Arthur Gunn. Previously Dillon James, Francisco Martin, and Jonny West were eliminated
from the show.

Samantha Diaz who is also known as Just Sam revealed that she was very surprised
about her win and that it was “super unexpected”.
The star disclosed that as she watched the other contestants interact with their family
members at home, she felt lonely as she is alone at home during this quarantine.
Samantha is from Harlem, she stated that this was “the hardest part of competing from
home” and that “it must be nice” to have family members with them. She also mentioned
that “it was tough”, she says that she knows that many other people must also be alone
during this difficult time but “doing the competition myself, it was tough”.
Generally, the season ends with a lot of celebrations and many cheers from the fans, but
due to the pandemic, those things didn’t happen.
Still, Just Sam was grateful that she won the competition and that “everything happens for
a reason”. She commented on the at-home win by saying that “We are making history”.

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