It has been 17 years since The Lizzie McGuire Movie was released

Hilary Duff played the character of Lizzie in “The Lizzie McGuire movie” when she was just
17 years old. The movie was released as a Disney Movie on May 2, 2020. In the movie,
Lizzie and her friends go on a graduation trip to Rome.
It’s been 17 years since the movie came out. Lizzie is still loved by many fans, they even
know the lyrics of its song called “What Dreams are made of”.
Here are some facts that most people don’t know about the movie.
When Hilary Duff auditioned for the Disney movie, she had a lot of competition. Many stars
auditioned for the movie including Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Paxton, and Hallee Hirsh.
Its original title was “What’s Lizzie Thinking?”,  it was discovered from some of its first
episodes. A sequel for the movie was also supposed to be made but was never produced.
Hilary Duff revealed in an interview that she did a horrible job in her audition. She was
thinking of leaving the industry hence she didn’t take the role seriously and didn’t even read
her lines properly. But the creator of the series, Terri Minsky saw potential in the young
actress and reached out to her.

One of the reasons she got the role was because of her sense of fashion. Which was later
confirmed by Hilary as she disclosed that she tried to wear outfits that would stand out from
the rest of the crowd.
While Lizzie had a crush on Ethan, her best friend Gordo had a crush on her. “We know fans
wanted Lizzie and Gordo to get together”. But they wanted to make sure that viewers got a
“Good last stop”.
It was revealed in an interview with MTV that Snyder took the longest to have his hair and
makeup done, more than any other cast member. Which he stated was because of his curly
After that, they wanted to continue the production of the series but decided against it. “Every
the deal has a tipping point”, “It didn’t make sense at that point”, “Ultimately we had to say

Hilary’s mom revealed that they were not giving her the respect and love she deserved, so
they walked away from a sequel. “Disney thought that they would be able to bully us into
accepting any offer they wanted to make”. Hence, Disney also walked away from a franchise.
Instead of this, Disney then decided to make other projects such as Hannah
Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place, which were a hit and liked by many.
During Lizzie McGuire’s peak, it was bringing an estimated $100 million on merchandise
including other things such as soundtracks, book series, and more. It was the most rated
Disney program at the time.

In August 2019, Disney+ announced that it would bring back Lizzie McGuire. They revealed
that the show will show a 30-year-old Lizzie living in New York City. Most of the cast of the
series will be back including Hallie Todd, Jake Thomas, and Robert Carradine.
Lizzie will not be dating Gordo anymore, she’ll be engaged to someone else.
Moreover, During a Vogue’s Forces of Fashion conference, Cardi B revealed how much the
the movie resonated with her and how much the Paris Fashion week meant to her.
Overall, the movie became a hit when it was released and came at No.2 at the box office,
grossing over $50 million.

Hilary Duff became a teen idol and decided to take a break from acting. Duff revealed that
she needed that break personally. She grew up in the spotlight and everyone knew her, “I
don’t even know if I’m that person anymore”.
In addition to this, the star disclosed that she found the character of Lizzie ‘torturous’
sometimes. She stated that while filming she loved it, but after that, she remained Lizzie for
people and it became annoying. “Now it’s not, I don’t care now”.

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