Hailey’s new tattoo got fans thinking that she is T-Swift fan

Do you think that the tattoo Hailey Bieber got recently is related to Taylor Swift?
That’s possible. A photo was posted by Dr. Woo, the tattoo artist showing a delicate tattoo he inked on Hailey’s neck in an exquisite script. The tattoo is the word “Lover”. This photo gathered a lot of attention including several celebrities. Chris D’ Elia commented that it was an awesome tattoo.
The photo had a caption saying that love always wins, for which there’s no news confirming if the tattoo was an inspiration from Taylor Swift or not.

Previously, there had been a clash between Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift over Scooter Braun’s music, therefore fans are making suppositions on their own regarding the story behind this tattoo.
But to be fair, it can really not link to the album of Taylor Swift, there can be another reason behind this commonly used noun word. We all know that that their elopement anniversary is coming close and it can be a gesture of love by Hailey for her husband Justin Bieber. The tattoo can be a gift out of love for their anniversary.
There are rumors that Hailey and Justin will be getting married again in South Caroline in celebration of the elopement anniversary. They will be exchanging vows in a private and religious wedding ceremony.
It is reported that they are all set to get married and the countdown had begun.
This is going to be a wedding full of sentiments. Hailey shared her warm feeling in a post on their engagement anniversary. She mentioned that she said yes to Justin a year ago and now she loves him more than anything and more than she has ever loved him. Hailey said that being with Justin has made her life beautiful, she and her heart belong belongs to Justin forever.
Seeing an Instagram post by Justin Bieber, saying that he is living the best of his life. It is clear that Justin has the same feeling for Hailey.

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