Governor Andrew Cuomo comments on his friendly sibling rivalry with brother Chris Cuomo

The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has been in the spotlight for the past few weeks.
He has been appreciated for his leadership in this difficult time of the pandemic, but he has
also been making headlines because of his friendly teasing with his brother Chris.
During Wednesday’s episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers asked Andrew about his rivalry
with his brother. He asked if the teasing was the real reflection of the sibling’s relationship or
if it was only for the cameras.
Governor Andrew replied that they are “playing it down” and that it is “tampered”. He
revealed that it is the “nice version” and that they are controlling themselves as if it is “‘biting
their tongues’ version” of them. He also stated that Chris Cuomo takes advantage of him in
that situation.
Andrew stated that Chris says whatever he likes and can be open, whereas, he can not be as
open and he has to be “respectful and gubernatorial”. Hence, Chris uses this opportunity and
takes on the lead, but Andrew still keeps the CNN star in line.

He also stated that since he is the older brother, he has to take the responsibility and duty of
an older brother and keep the younger brother in check, to keep him humble and in his place.
Furthermore, he disclosed that he has to assert intellectual, athletic and physical dominance
over his brother, which seems to be true between the two brothers. The governor revealed
that it is not only “an age thing” and that he is “superior in so many ways” but he has to
remain humble. Moreover, Andrew said that he is “dedicated to that proposition – out of love
for him”.

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