Following the exit from Real Housewives of NYC, Marriage Status Clarified by Bethenny Frankel


After a tweet shared by Bethenny Frankel, the general public got into believing that she might have married secretly. But the truth came out soon and it was confirmed that she’s still married to her ex, Jason Hoppy. Bethenny applied for separation from Hoppy at the start of 2013 as well as it was validated as sorted out in 2016. Nonetheless, ” Bethenny and Jason and are still husband and wife,” Robert Wallack Hoppy’s lawyer informed while talking to E! news.

“The judgment was not issued at all, due to the fact that an order of defense was released by the Criminal Court which influenced the formerly consented to joint guardianship arrangement and Frankel consequently brought an application to change the contract leading to a multi-day hearing,” Judge Michael Katz told E! Information with a court agent.”

She attended to the conjecture in her Instagram Story, informing followers, “I have no married again. I am simply the only was the only legally wed housewife on the Real Housewives of New York City. Have some faith in me and be sure that when there is something that you need to know, I will certainly inform you since you’ve been there for me to support and help me through thick and thins.”

Just when we thought Bethenny Frankel was done breaking big news, below is one more possible shocking news.

2 days back, the longtime real housewives of New York City unexpectedly declared her leave from the hit Bravo series following its season number 12. Frankel showed up on the program in season one to three and then from season seven to season eleven, making her an essential part of the longtime show.

She posted a note on Instagram addressing her followers: “I am so thankful to all you for your support in all tough times. This journey began in my small home in my late 30s and you were all with me, I just can’t imagine what could have happened to me. I have no money, I have no one who could look after me and no family to turn to and I had certainly no idea what to do and what lies ahead in my future.

At the end of her Instagram post, she said: “Whatever your dreams are, just leave everything behind and work hard to achieve them. Be sure that you will get what you want then it will be surely yours to take. I thank you all for your amazing and crazy amount of love and support. Any stay in touch because this is no the last time you are seeing me. I have a lot more amazing stuff to offer.”

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