Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jobling are now married

Congratulations to Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling!
Ellie’s representative confirmed that on Saturday, the singer Ellie Goulding and the art dealer Caspar Jopling exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony held in York, England. The venue of this beautiful event was the ancient York Cathedral in York’s city center.
Ellie came to the minster in a blue Volkswagen campervan which was all decorated with beautiful flowers. The bride wore a gorgeous Chloe designed bridal dress, a white long-sleeved and high neck dress embellished with flowers enhancing the beauty of the white bridal gown. As she entered, wearing a lacy and embroidered veil, she waved to the guests and spectators. The nominee of Grammy held a bouquet of garden roses in cream color. Resources from the bride said that she looked really happy, calm and confident. Ellie’s bridesmaids properly arranged the train of her long white gown before she entered. The bridesmaid wore matching Chloe dresses in pale blue color.
Many Famous faces were seen attending the wedding ceremony including Sienna, the newly engaged couple Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. Not just that, some royal members of the family also attending Ellie’s big day. The guests from royal family included Sarah, Duchess of York, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Jack Brooksbank, the husband of Princess Eugenie, was seen serving as Jopling’s best man.
According to resources, the décor arrangement was done by Tattie Rose Flowers. In the entrance, the door was decorated in all green with wildflowers in white colors and hydrangeas and the minster was decorated with lots of white flowers.
The ceremony went on for one hour after that newlyweds kissed as guests stood up and applauded. The bride and groom left the cathedral holding hands and had a photoshoot on the church steps.
The sources said the Ellie was all smiles and was looking at her husband with so much love and affection. The couple thanked all the guests for being the part of their big day. They kissed and laughed and they seemed very happy to get married.
As per reports, the bride and groom went to their reception in a colorful car after the pictures were taken. The venue for the reception was the Grand Castle Howard.

In the forthcoming marriages section of The Times, Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jobling announced their engagement for a year. The statement released was quite classy as it announced the engagement of Elena and Caspar in a detailed note mentioning the names of their parents as well.
Ellie used her birth name Elena, which is why the news of their engagement went unnoticed. That is until Caspar spurted on Instagram regarding marrying the love of his life. Then again, who can blame him? He wrote proudly that he will be able to spend his life ahead with the women he loves who is absolutely amazing and gorgeous, lovely lady. He said that no one could make him happier, livelier, empathetic, or loved. He mentioned that She is the only person who completes him and will remain the only person. “I am looking forward to a life full of adventure while traveling the world with her, crying out with hilarity at silly jokes, talking about art, life, music, and future in early morning hours”, Caspar wrote.

Ellie, later on, disclosed that he asked in the most spontaneous, enchanting and purely fascinating method. She told that they were busy solving a puzzle and all of a sudden out of nowhere he took out a ring and asked straight away. She said that for some reasons it was truly a romantics gesture.
As per reports, all thanks to Princess Eugenie for bringing Caspar and Ellie together. There have been rumors that Princess Eugenie introduced them in March. It’s is a mere supposition that Caspar and Eugenie work in the art world, there is a photo of her on Caspar’s Instagram feed from 2016. Somehow it makes sense.
What we do understand is that Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank have actually taken pleasure in countless dual date evenings with Ellie and Caspar. And also, Ellie was present at their wedding in October.
We wish a happy marriage to Ellie and Casper.

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