Dorit Kemsley makes Sutton Stracke cry in ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

On Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna’s
daughter launched a new clothing line.
While they were having dinner, Sutton Stracke found herself in a difficult situation
when they accidentally misunderstood something Sutton had said.
Dorit thought that Sutton said that she would “flip out” at the event. She replied
that it is an inappropriate time to be saying things like this because it is Lisa’s
daughter’s night.
Sutton snapped back at her that she didn’t say anything inappropriate and that
she “didn’t say it like that”.
Lisa wasn’t convinced about Sutton’s reply and stated that if she had heard what
Sutton said, she would have been kicked out.
Kyle Richards, who is a friend of Sutton suggested that maybe she meant “blown
out of proportion”.
In a confessional, Sutton revealed that in these seven years, she had never seen
Lisa gets so angry with her.
During the rest of the event, Dorit continued to harp on Sutton, which made her
tear up. She mentioned that Dorit was not being nice, “You’re not being nice”,
“That is not nice”.
On the other hand, Dorit stated that she was just saying what Sutton had
previously said but Sutton wasn’t having any more of this. Frustrated she stated,
“I’m not playing this game with you” and “Shut up!”.

Moreover, Lisa stated in a confessional that she doesn’t care if Sutton is her
friend, but She should not have crossed the line, “Shame on Sutton” and that no
one messed up with her kids.
Additionally, Dorit and Sutton kept on arguing at dinner. Dorit pushes Sutton
saying that “Are you going to lose your mind?” and “Will you start throwing

When it was suggested that Sutton may have ruined Delilah and Amelia’s event,
Sutton was quick to state that she would never do that and that it is “ridiculous”.

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