Danai Gurira ends her journey of ‘The Walking Dead’

Danai Gurira is playing the character of Michonne in ‘The Walking Dead’. Her journey is put
to a halt in the 13th episode of The Walking Dead season 10.
In the episode, Michonne took Virgil back to his island to unite him with his family and to
take hold of weapons that were to be used in the ongoing war with the Whisperers.
But when they went there, things were different than expected. His parents were turned, so
Virgil asked Michonne to kill them. When Michonne obliged, there were no weapons.
Michonne noted that Vigil was acting weird. Michonne found out that he had captured other
people on the Island. Therefore, he captured her.
Vigil then drugged her. While she was in subconsciousness, Michonne remembered her
crucial moments in life and thought how would have things turned out otherwise.
Michonne had hallucinations of not saving Andrea and be left with Negan and the saviors.
She had the vision that she was the one by Negan’s side when he killed Glenn.
When she regained consciousness, she escaped Vigil’s trap and also freed the other captives.
She later found out that the escape route was destroyed. Michonne and the captives decided
to spare Vigil’s life.
After that, Michonne invaded the lab and found Rick’s boots. She further discovered Rick’s
stuff on a boat. When she questioned Vigil, he denied the fact that he knew Rick or Michonne
before all of this happened and that all of this is a coincidence.
The captives started to work on the boat again. Michonne contacted Judith to tell her the
news that Rick might be alive, and Judith decided to find him if that is the case. Judith told
Michonne about the possibility of Rick waiting for them to come and save him.
Hence, Michonne went to find Rick as they thought that they have already killed the majority
of the Whisperers there.

Michonne reverted to her traveling self. During her travel with 2 zombie companions, she
discovered 2 humans that needed her help to go back to their crew. She helped them as she
thought of Rick, who helped her and let her in his crew at the time of need.

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