Chrissy Teigen share adorable photos from a family getaway

On Thursday, Chrissy Teigen uploaded a beautiful picture of her 3 years old daughter Luna Simone Stephens on Instagram. The little fashionista was seen posing on a rock on a beach in Thailand, wearing a cute pinky swimsuit. Later, Chrissy made another post, sharing that her daughter Luna could follow her footsteps.
Teigen tagged MJ Day, who is the editor of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and caption the photo saying “Oh dear”.
Upon which, MJ Day agreed that Luna, the little fashionista is ready for being a modeling business.
In the comment section, Chrissy praised the beauty, swimsuit and her act of owning the rock with many laughing emojis and wrote how effortlessly Luna was pulling off her look and pose.
John Legend took the photo credits and was very impressed by his photography skills.
John tagged the photographer Andy Yutsai Wang and called himself Andy Yutsai of all the dads on Instagram.
We and fans know really well that Teigen had been posing and modeling from 2010 through 2017 for the Appearing in issues magazine. In 2010, Chrissy won Rookie for the year award. She posed for the cover photo in 2014. And it was as graceful as it can get.
Not only Luna, the daughter of Twitter Queen got the photoshoot but Teigen also posted some cute photos of Miles Theodore Stephens, her second-born son.
Have a look at the photos from the summer vacation getaway of Teigen with her family.

We can see by their happy faces that the kids are having fun at the beach.
Here’s a photo of Chrissy Teigen sending greetings all from Thailand. Her husband took this great photo to prove Chrissy’s statement wrong that John is a bad Instagram husband.
Here is an adorable photo of Mr. Miles playing in the sand shared by Chrissy.
Following the same joke, John joked and asked the one who took such a great photo must be a really good Instagram husband.
                                               They spent time with family and making memories.
John shared this picture and mentioned what they explored in a mall in Korat.
                   Luna went extra miles when she was told Say Cheese!
            Now that’s an admirable and adorable father-son duo moment.
John went all praising her wife’s beauty. Where the comment by Kris Jenner sounded a little off.
                                                                              Luna is already popping bubbles.
John wants to know why there are no pink flamingo emoji on the phone. We need to spread the word.
                                   We can’t get over these lovely father-daughter pictures.
                                                          Mom’s are on duty even when they are on vacations.
                                Chrissy keeps spending quality time with her family a priority.

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