Chris Pratt freaks out after accidentally deleting over 50,000 e- mails

On Wednesday, Chris Pratt took to Instagram and shared a video of himself revealing
how many unread emails he had piling up.
The Guardians of the Galaxy star gave fans a glimpse of his inbox and revealed that he
had more than 35,000 unread emails which he will eventually have to sort out.
Pratt updated his fans via Instagram stories. He hilariously disclosed that he is to blame
for all this mess. The star mentioned that while his son was playing with his phone, he got
surprised by looking at the number of unread emails Chris had. So now, he will try to sort
them out by checking at least 1,000 emails per day until he has no unread email.
He stated that most of the emails are probably junk, as he likes to explore different things
and signs up for everything. “I am one those idiots that who will do, like, an IQ test” that
say that if anyone wants to know their IQ level, they must sign up or give their email

The 40-year-old star also revealed that he had important emails mixed up with those
unread ones. He apologized to those people who contacted him but he couldn’t respond,
“cause there’s a lot of emails in there”.
Furthermore, he stated that if “you are watching this and you are one of those people. I
am going to try and get back to you”.
The star nearly fulfilled the task of reading unread emails faster than he expected. Hence,
he unintentionally deleted them.
The Parks and Recreation alum started to panic “I am trying not to panic, I just tried
something to delete anything unread and it just deleted them”, and now he remembers
that he still needed to “read ‘em’”. He doesn’t know where they went and his battery also
started to end so he requested anyone who wants to follow up on that to contact him
“If I owe you an email, you might to want to follow up on that”, he asked them to
resubmit the email as he might have accidentally deleted it. “Yup, 51,000 messages are in
the trash”.
In the follow-up post, he panicked as his emails were getting deleted right in front of him,
“This could be a real nightmare”. In the video, the expression on his face was that of pure
shock as he saw the number of mails decreasing. In the end, he states that he would just
have a “Fresh start”.

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