Ayesha Curry posted an amazing picture of her kids before Mother’s Day

One day before Mother’s Day, Ayesha Curry took to social media and shared a lovely photo
of her kids. Ayesha wanted to show gratitude towards her children.
Ayesha was feeling appreciative towards her three kids, 7-year-old Riley, 4-year-old Ryan
and 1-year-old Canon.
The 31-year-old posted the picture on her Instagram hours before Mother’s Day and
captioned it with an adorable statement, “My Sweet July’s”. The statement refers to the
month all the kids were born.
In the picture, the siblings can be seen happily hugging each other, both sisters are cuddling
with their younger brother in the middle.


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Since Ayesha posted the picture, many fans have been commented on nice compliments on the
picture. Some say that her kids are very cute and beautiful while others commented about
their similar features with their parents. One comment read that Ryan looks exactly like
Ayesha, Riley looks like Stephen Curry, and Cannon is the combination of them all.
Previously, the actress posted a video of Ryan and Canon dancing while Stephen Curry
played the drums. In the video, Ryan can be seen happily jumping up and down as she is
waving towards the camera.
Ayesha is enjoying her time with her family as much as possible including her mom’s duties.

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