Amber Portwood denied Machete attack allegations by boyfriend Andrew Glennon

Amber Portwood is in a shock after her boyfriend Andrew Glennon put allegations on her for abusing him violently.
Amber, the Teen Mom star was arrested and was charged for domestic violence. Two months later, Dr. Drew Pinsky visited Indiana to cover Amber’s side of the story that no one had heard before. Teen Mom OG reunion special was aired tonight, in which the star denied all the allegations of attacking Andrew and their child, James, with a Knife, as claimed by Andrew.

In reference to her legal drama, she mentioned during the interview that she got herself put into jail so that she could help herself quit drug abuse. She made the interviewer recall if anybody anything wrong about her since that. She recalled that after spending time in jail for once she didn’t get into any kind of trouble. And how insane it would be to believe that she tried to hurt her child and the father of her child.

Amber Portwood avoided sharing any further information over this topic because the case isn’t close yet. She also mentioned that her boyfriend Andrew has moved on and got into a relationship with someone else.
Portwood continued saying that it took less than 14 days for Andrew to ask that lady to visit Indiana, she’s unable to describe the lack of empathy shown by Andrew. Amber told that she also had a chance to talk to that women and she seemed to be a good and sweet person.
Amber Portwood told Dr. Drew during the interview that what Andrew did to her has hurt her beyond words.
We are still not sure what will be the future for Amber and Andrew. Whereas Gary Shirley, Amber’s ex said that he has got her back through every tough situation.
Gary and Amber had a daughter together, Leah, who is now 10 years old. Gary joined the reunion with his wife Kristina Anderson and told that he doesn’t want Amber to get hurt as he will be there for her, he cares for her as a person and as the mother of their daughter.
Gary said that they have been getting together as a team for the sake of their friendship and for the sake of their daughter which he thinks is a great job to do. He assured Amber that they are and they will always be there for her.

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