Akshay Kumar shares an important message about Coronavirus

Akshay Kumar – the famous Bollywood actor, took to social media and commented about the
recent Coronavirus pandemic issue.
He is spreading awareness about the necessary precautions that need to be taken for the
benefit of everyone. Today, he uploaded a video on twitter for this purpose.

Akshay is addressing the topic of social distancing. He even wrote: “For the first time in life,
the winner will be the one who will stay put! This is a race, one which will save us… Say yes

to #SocialDistancing please #BreakCorona #TogetherAtHome @mybmc.”

In the video, the actor is seen promoting the stamping method of social distancing. The
the method has been adopted by the BMC, to motivate the tourists and travelers to maintain a
a safe distance from other people for some days.
Furthermore, he added that the method will not only protect themselves but other people as

Akshay has been sharing many posts on twitter, related to the safety measures that should be
implemented by the people. In one post he urged his followers to abide by the instructions
given by the doctors.
He has been spreading awareness and telling people to stay safe at home and to take care of

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