Chris Harrison finds his love in Lauren Zima


Chris Harrison is all set to reveal his love life.

The Bachelor host, who manages the connections between participants on the reality collection, appears to have handed out a rose of his very own. Earlier this year, Harrison, 48, made his red carpeting debut with girlfriend Lauren Zima at a pre-SAG Honors party. Now, 7 months later, the couple is still going strong.

While Harrison and also Zima, a contributor for Entertainment Tonight, had collaborated in an expert set up throughout the years, points took a turn when she moved into his DMs after a run-in at Talk insulation.

In a new interview for Nick Viall’s Viall Files podcast, launched today, Harrison meals concerning his connection, saying, “I’m a lucky child of a weapon.”

Since Harrison and also Zima, who reports on Bachelor Country content, have tasks that often intertwine, they had a conversation before progressing with their partnership.

” At the very beginning, we did discuss, do we want to do this?” Harrison informs Viall. “When we met and also when we took place a day and also, we could inform there was chemistry as well as we liked each various other as well as there was something there, after that, there was the conversation of, do we want to do this?”

“As well as, I’ll be sincere, I was a little selfish since I uncommitted,” the Emmy nominee confesses. “I’ve been doing The Bachelor long enough that I don’t care whose plumes I ruffle as well as the number of waves I cause since my individual life is much more important to me than my professional life now.”

In that early discussion, Harrison told Zima that he recognized the “dispute of passion” as well as respected that, so, did they want to explore their relationship additionally? In reaction, Harrison says, Zima “laid a huge kiss” on him.

Harrison recalled that he said they are going to do this.

He takes place to tell Viall that his meetings with Zima “have not transformed” now that they’re a product.

“I’ll be truthful, I’m terrified to death of Lauren,” Harrison joked. “She’s, and also this is one of the important things I love and also appreciate concerning her before I dated her, she’s great. She is just one of the very best job interviewers I ever before deal with, and when I go into a meeting with her, I need to have my head on straight because she is so proficient at just finding the split and after that entering.”

“I Like the method she pushes me,” he states. “And that is just one of the things that I was brought in to before we ever began dating is, I eagerly anticipated our interviews. This is when she was still married, I have wed also. I just truly enjoyed her meetings, simply because she was great.”

Harrison says he still eagerly anticipates his meetings with Zima now, but he gets “performance stress and anxiety.”


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