Cameron Dallas turned sober after a long struggle

Cameron Dallas had been struggling all alone with depression and drug addiction for a long time, now he has finally prepared himself to talk about it.

Dallas is an internet celebrity aged 24 and has a subscriber base of more than 21 million fans over Instagram. On Friday he posted a long paragraph on Instagram to disclosed that after being in a shallowest and darkest place of his life for the past two and half years, he is now sober and it’s been 105 days. Along with the long caption, he shared a video of his time spent in the rehabilitation center proving his struggle and devotion to get sober. He apologized to everyone whom he might have hurt or humiliated during the time of being in addiction and depression.

Cameron Dallas mentioned that he had been in the rehabilitation center for getting treated for drug addiction, the family issues he had been dealing and depression. He said was there getting help to be a sober man. He said that it felt great and awesome being sober and he wishes to stay like that. He said he wanted to be a support for the people who are facing the addiction and depression problems, “I want them to be aware that they are not alone and they can get help.” he said.
Cameron Dallas faced felony charges for assaulting a man at Aspen, Col Hotel after an argument back in December 2018.
Dallas, upon assessing his past happening stated that he is now trying to lift covers off the problems he had been burying to avoid dealing with them, which have been scaring his soul where he turned to drugs to find an escape from all the issues.
“I always thought of rehabilitation centers as a bad place where only horrible people go but it was just until I went there myself and it changed my perception completely. And now I realize that such facilities are truly great, positive and a blessing for people who need help.” Cameron said.
Dallas said that he wants everyone to understand that even if you feel helpless, there is still Hope. He wants others to know that even if you are anxious and depressed you will find peace. But all this is possible if you want to do it for yourself, you can get help to conquer the dependency on drugs.
Dallas is now starring in a Netflix reality show titled as “Chasing Cameron”, based on his own life’s journey and struggles. Cameron first bagged fame on now-defunct video platform called Vine.

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