Armie Hammer’s new Instagram post faces backlash

Be careful about what you click and post.
An unusual video was posted by Armie Hammer on Instagram Stories this Saturday. In the video, the second child named Ford was sucking his dad’s toe while having a famil

y time.
The baby’s mom and Armie’s wife Elizabeth Chambers was saying that this act didn’t seem normal. And then Hammer and Ford were heard laughing together.

The actor captioned the story mentioning that this went on for around seven minutes and added a hashtag #“footfetishonfleek”.
The hashtag by the star of social network and show Call me by your name did not trend so well. But the hashtag of his name went viral and after a few hours the video trended and social media users judged quite a lot.
And people were previously freaking out when Tom Brady gave a kiss to his child.

After facing the criticism, Elizabeth came in defense.
Perez Hilton posted something about the video, on which she commented that it was more like five seconds, not seven minutes. And she said that it’s just a phase going on with our child that he is enjoying playing with his dad’s feet. Armie did not do a good job posting this video but we assure you that the safety of our child is the most important concern.

Some people commented in favor of Armie Hammer.
A twitter user comment asking others if they have anything better to do then being super concern about hygiene of Armie Hammer and his child. The user said it’s just the toes of his father nothing so big to matter. The users showed their support.

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