The reason behind “Crying for help” post by Taryn Manning



Taryn Manning, the star of the Netflix original series” Orange is the new black” posted a photo on Instagram with a caption saying that she is crying for help. The post got attention and concern from fans and followers. The post indicated that Taryn is facing cyberbullying and she is alone in this fight with no help and support.
Taryn is 40-year-old clarified that she is not suicidal just alone and terrorized by the bullying she faced through social media. The post did not get comments instantly.
Taryn Manning plays the roles of a prison named Tiffany Pennsatucky Doggett in Orange is the new black series. she posted an image of herself offstage with her fellow cast members of the series this Thursday. She mentioned in the post she will not be able to attend. The red-carpet premiere of the seventh season of Orange is the new black series. The premiere was happening that afternoon in New York.

She mentioned her fellow cast member in the post and said that she loves them all and she is going to miss everyone wishing that she could join them for the premiere. But the circumstances were overpowering and not favorable for her. She pleaded in her post encouraging people to help and listen to those who need help to save themselves from people threatening their peace and even life. Taryn said that she did not deserve to have ruined her life by someone like that. She mentioned in the post “I attempted to let people know what I was going through and I need help but no one seemed to care and no one bothered to listen which broke my heart to a million pieces.” She said that she is thankful for the show she got to work in. She dedicated her post to all the people out there facing cyberbullying and criminals who terrorize the lives of others. She said that you are not alone and it can happen to anyone.


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#love #grumpygal with bifocals ✝️ i forgot how to post things. Been in a cave scared of monsters. Turns out it is ok.

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She also mentioned her agents, managers and also legal representatives and she said that she forgives everyone who did not help her. Taryn said I’m not Suicidal and I am just trying to convey the message that we have to be strong for ourselves because when we are down no one cares.
Lory Petty, another star from orange is the new black commented to invite her to Venice Coastline and showed her love for Manning.
Manning did not specify on her chaos. Last week, she uploaded a selfie sitting in her car. She mentioned in the caption that she seems to have forgotten how she used to post photos and stuff on Instagram as she is been scared off with beast disguised as humans. But I feel like it is ok.
It seems that her spirits are getting better these days as she is actively posting on Instagram. She uploaded another selfie showcasing her hairdo and the waves she was enjoying at the beach.
The starlet has made occasional star appearances in the last few years and participated in a huge premiere of the Netflix series “Orange is the new black” in New York City back in 2016.
In 2016, she went through some personal issues and conflicts that were capture by media; Her former makeup artist filed to obtain a restraining order from the court against her for numerous assumed disputes. The starlet’ legal group rejected the claims and also the order was ultimately rejected.
In the past few years, Taryn had to deal with a Stalker. In 2015, the women follower was sent to prison to 45 days for continuing to get in touch with the actress regardless of a restraining order.

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