Ananya Panday’s “So Positive” Response to online bullying



New emerging star Ananya Panday stated that on-line harassment can be exceptionally painful and discouraging as it does not just disturb the person being bullied but their family and people associated with them as well.

The ‘Student of the Year 2’ actor was accused on social media sites that her claims of getting admission in a prestigious university of United States were all lies and a stunt public attention.

As a response, Ananya posted a picture of herself along with the acceptance letter of the university shooting down all the rumors and accusations.

In an interview, the star said social media sites bullying is fairly common in the society nowadays and it influenced not only her yet almost every other person using social media.


She mentioned that this incident hurt her family as well because of their concern of bullies trying to bring her down and ruining all the hard work and efforts I have put in my life so far.


Ananya pointed out a fact that people have stopped using their common sense and have started believing everything they see and are told on social media sites. They believe and spread false information without any sense of responsibility. But people who do this should be held accountable for their irresponsibility.


Ananya Panday said that these rumors and online bullying brought her to a point where she was hurt and uncertain about her self-worth, yet she has arisen more powerful as she had a group of family and friends who supported and stood by her side.


It eventually came to be a starting point for her to release a unique initiative called “So Positive” against social networks bullying which she had actually been thinking for some time.


“‘So Positive’ is here to tell individuals who feel they are alone and have no one to share their feelings, through this platform they can speak with me. Because I know that there a lot of people going through this pain” she said.


The campaign targets spreading out awareness regarding bullying happening to people on social media sites and how victims can take action against tormenters.

The 20-year-old actress stated she was initially terrified as she did not recognize how individuals would certainly respond to the campaign yet felt it was a vital topic to talk about as it is barely reviewed. Ananya said that it’s her belief that ignorance is bliss and I rely on silently doing your work as well as overlooking things that might disrupt my peace, I naturally happened to be a little more absorbent and patient. However, I have to understand that fact that everyone does not have the same level of sensitivity towards this issue and not everyone has the endurance to bear this.


“So, I intend to give individuals with every alternative using which they can manage and deal with this issue. To build the area, to make people more aware of their rights and power and to make people realize and be confident about the fact that they are not the only one and also they have a person to talk with,” Ananya stated.

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