Trey Songz’s new Instagram post confirms he’s now a DAD




Woah! We have great news for you guys. Looks like the American singer and actor Trey Songz has now become a Father. An exciting update, right?

Tremaine Aldon Neverson, who is known as Trey Songz professionally, posted a photo on Instagram holding a baby’s tiny little foot in his hand. The caption along the picture was a blue heart which confirmed that the baby is a boy. That’s when fans realized that the singer has become a father to a baby boy.

After creating brief suspense, “Chi Chi” famed singer posted another picture on Instagram the very next day. The picture captioned with the name of baby “Noah” was the face of his newly born baby boy. His caption showed that his family felt blessed and truly happy and all welcomed the baby to the world.

Well, many congratulations to Trey Songz on being a father, that he was longing to be one for a long time.

The fans of “Say Aah” Star got to see and talk that Trey might have become a father to young boy out of the blue when he posted a picture of his boy’s foot to show Instagram on Thursday. The blue little heart emoticon obviously became the talk of the town.

After he posted the picture of his bundle of joy, cheerful comments on his post were filled with all the love. Kehlani Ashely, the CEO of Floral living app seemed overjoyed and commented: “Finally, HAHAAAAA YESS!!!”. Lori Harvey’s comment on the baby’s foot photo showed she is really happy for Trey being a father.


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We all knew long ago that Trey really wanted to become a father even when has not officially revealed the news yet. Trey’s interview with Charlamagne Tha God Back in 2015 on The Breakfast Club, unveiled his desire to be a dad and have a baby.

Trey told at the interview how he has been bringing up and babysitting all the children younger than him in the family. He went down the memory lane sharing with Charlamagne that he used to change diapers of his little brother who is now a 20-year-old guy already having his first kid.

Trey shared his personal thoughts that even his mother is asking him for grandchildren and he himself wants to be a dad but at the same time he doesn’t want to rush thing and make things go wrong for himself and his spouse. He told that such decisions should be taken seriously and made at the right time.

Trey doesn’t have a lot on his schedule for now so he will get to spend as much as the time he wanted with baby Noah.

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