How did GOT star Jason Momoa got his giant facial scar


All Game of Thrones fans has noticed that Jason Momoa, known as Khal Drogo who died in Season 1, has a prominent facial scar. The reason behind this is pretty cruel and painful.

An argument broke between Jason and a man at Bird Cafe in Hollywood California, which resulted in a fight. The man slashed Jason’s face with a broken beer glass.

He had to go through a long reconstructive surgery and got 140 stitches across his eye.

Do you remember the character, Scar from our all-time favorite “The lion king”? And now just bring the picture of Jason Momoa in mind. Do you see a striking similarity in looks? Yes, you do see what we are talking about. The scar gives a grave vibe suiting the personality and characters he plays. Jason has this horrifying scar over his left eyebrow cutting diagonally across his forehead. This scar has surely added spice to the badass roles in the Hollywood world.

Some people might think that Jason got this giant scar during the shooting of Game of Thrones or Aquaman. But it’s not what you think. It’s not an action stunt that went wrong but a fight that happened in a Bar back in November 2008. The story is terrifying; Jason got himself in an argument with a man who admitted to a part of a gang named Dominic Bando. The man smashed a pint glass directly onto his face. NBC Los Angeles reported that court charged Bando with assault using a life threating weapon.

Jason told the New York Post that everyone used to call him pretty boy all his life, but he said:” I am over that pretty boy things, it’s not part of how I look now.” He told New York Post that he is unfazed and settled about this scarred look.

For those who don’t remember how he looked before he got hit by this serious incident, we have attached an image of Jason before 2008.

We will end this story here. There will be sobs by the end of this show.


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