Juliette Porter is Dating Robby Hayes, A bachelor Nation Villain and A Siesta Key star Couple


Are you guys ready to see a Bachelor Nation Villain and a Siesta key Star as a couple in the world of reality TV?


Robby Hayes and Juliette Porter were seen showcasing their newly found romance on a beach and to let the world know they posted a photo of them together on a beach in Florida. It is found through sources that Robby and Juliette were introduced to each other by their fellow star Kelsey Owens when they had a fun party at Stagecoach along with Corey Brooks about a month ago.


Looks like the spark is real as they have been spending too much time for dating periods of only two months. Sources confirmed that   Robby Juliette duo has been going vacations as well.


General Public and fans have mixed reactions about this new couple. Some of them were seen applauding them on social media while others think that this relationship will not be the long lasting one taking into account the bad reputations regarding past relationships held by both Robby and Juliette.


Let us remind you of the cause of Robby’s bad reputation. The Bachelorette Runner up went to Bachelor in Paradise in search of true love where he met the Bachelor Alum, Amanda Stanton. Their relationship was short-lived. Later his name went into people’s bad books when he made the screenshots of his conversations with Amanda public and gave nasty comments about them.


As for Juliette’s past relationship with Alex Kompothecras was a wrong one. He proved to a cheater, Co-stars also predicted that their romance will not last long hence ending their relationship real soon which made Juliette believe a little less in love. But some of Juliette’s friends who have met him seems to be liking him a lot and they are pretty cool about his reputation. Sources say that her friends actually adore him.


Having lifestyles complementing each other has made Robby and Juliette a good match. As per sources, their relationship is making positive progress in such a short time.


Siesta Key is about to start a new season soon that will make people see where this relationship goes. Let’s all hope that Robby will do anything to standby this relationship and make Juliette believe in love once again.


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