Why did Daenerys showed that fierceness: Creators of Game of Thrones Explains


The fiery fury Daenerys Targaryen did is the talk of the day. Looks like all fans need an explanation for that. Co-Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, of Game of Thrones, have justified the behavior of Mother of dragons. This is going to be a spoiler for those who have still not seen the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones. Spoiler Alert!

Dany was seen provoking the Lannister army and frightening the people of King’s
Landing. She flew over the wrecked buildings with her dragon scaring people of her anger. This seems to be a huge personality shift as compared to that seen previously and it seems to be a point of concern for that Dragon Mother fans

They say: Nothing is more dangerous than a person who has nothing to lose. And that’s the whole explanation to this sharp turn. Bosses tell that at this point she has lost everything she had. she is left all alone with her dragon. Weiss tells that every person she was closed to has either died or betrayed her. And that fire of betrayal and grief of losses has made her a mad queen.

During all episodes of Game of Thrones, she is shown to have great acquaintances and trusted advisors for a very long time. Having people around made her a strong person she was. At this point, she lost direction when the man she was madly in love with went against her will of not telling who he really is. He told everyone that he doesn’t love Dany back. The advisor she put her trust in has betrayed. This made her feel so isolated that she was ready to stand against the world using all the power she had.

Dany says ‘Let it be fear’. Weiss said that the way she chose for dealing with the circumstances is going to be devastating for the people of King’s landing.

Benioff Said, “Bad things happened to her all at once, one the circumstances were opposite if Missandei was alive and Jon’s identity remained unknown to her, her violent side would not have come out”.

When Dany looked at her home her rage became stronger. It was all truly dear and personal to her. In this episode, the co-creators wanted to show not just the hero but focus on the effects of bad decisions made by rulers on their people who have no fault in anything that happened to Dragon Mother.

The trailer of the episode has been released. let’s see what’s coming, peace or horrific violence.

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