Selena Gomez Shocked in dropping in small shiny disc some to the clothes for decoration and serve the guests with sweet toast the wedding of here bodyguard’s:

Selena Gomez wears a beautiful, luxury and shiny green dress at the celebrations of the wedding of bodyguard’s which held on 3rd May.

At the age of 26, Selena Gomes attend the marriage of her Bodyguard’s in Redlands, California on May 3, where she showed off her awesome sequin green dress. The shape of her dress is V-necked, puffy sleeves and has a tail on the back of shirt .which follows her on the floor. She made her hairs in a very beautiful and modern shape of the bun. She does very decent and gorgeous makeup for attending California wedding party .when she comes the singer also spoke in a very polite and beautiful way.

Selena said that she felt very proud she meets the bride “Melissa”. She says surprised her for two things. First, second, how much the bride loves her? It’s very important she also said that I’m feeling proud and happy for the celebration of the party.

She also prays for the couple, may God bless you she also says thanks for inviting us. She song dance and enjoying the ceremony with young Gus. She also made many pics with people who are in the event. She enjoyed all day.

It’s looking very grateful time and event for Selena. She made a meaningful, physical and mental health and the young stars made it a priority in 2019. Selena showed her health both physically and mentally better than ever now at this time.

A friend of Selena’s explaining Hollywood life entirely. She is caring for herself now first and foremost. And now she is now on a suitable point.

All were happy for Selena. For what she doing in the party and she spoke, enjoyed and looking so beautiful.

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